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PlanetScale is a MySQL compatible, serverless database platform powered by Vitess. It's a serverless database platform you can start in seconds and scale continuously to meet your needs

This integration auto-generates access tokens and connects your apps to your PlanetScale database with zero config needed.

To get started, simply install the integration and use one of our Node.js or Go clients to connect to PlanetScale.


Get started with a few clicks

  1. Select the integration from the integrations marketplace and add it to your Vercel project
  2. Sign in or sign up if you haven't already
  3. When prompted, select an existing PlanetScale database or create a new one to connect to your Vercel project
  4. PlanetScale will automatically create any new databases and link them to your Vercel project

What the integration does

The integration creates a new database (if requested) and its associated service tokens. It will set the following environment variables in your project:





These environment variables are used by our clients to connect to PlanetScale.

Pre-built solutions

Get Started With Next.js and PlanetScale Today.