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Fauna is a developer-friendly, document-relational database delivered as an API. Using Fauna with Vercel enables you to build robust transactional apps that scale without limits. Fauna is built for data-intensive apps that require fast data access for reads and writes for use cases spanning gaming, e-commerce/retail, manufacturing, and B2B/B2C SaaS.

  • Document-relational data model that offers the flexibility of NoSQL with the querying power of a relational DB
  • Delivered as an API and works seamlessly with serverless functions
  • Fauna's Distributed Transaction Engine automatically replicates data across regions for low latency & with strong consistency so you can keep your application code lightweight
  • Intuitive, Typescript-inspired query language

Additional Information

Each of your projects will get its own Fauna database. You can either create a new database or use an existing database from your Fauna account.

The admin key to the database will be stored as an encrypted environment variable named FAUNA_ADMIN_KEY.

The domain name will be stored as an environment variable named FAUNA_DB_DOMAIN. This determines the geographical Fauna Region group that your database will be located in.