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Composable commerceComposable commerceComposable commerce

Launch and iterate two times faster

The headless stack for innovators.


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Why innovators are going headless

Headless for enterprise.

    From newsletter to global media brand

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    Kelsey Dillon

      Containing multi-site management within a single codebase

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      Alice Alexandra Moore

        Vercel + Sitecore: Partnering on a composable future

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        Guillermo Rauch

          Building a global streetwear label with Next.js

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          Greta Workman

            Moving from monolithic WordPress to composable gives Plenti total freedom

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            Kelsey Dillon

            Secure, headless WordPress with Next.js and Vercel

            Ensure stability for your content.

              Breaking the WordPress Monolith with Vercel, Next.js, and Strapi

              How to increase conversions with a custom architecture on Vercel

              Guide to headless ecommerce.

                Incremental migration from WordPress for a dev-first approach

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                Kelsey Dillon

                  Headless commerce with the Swell integration

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                  Cami Cano, Darpan Kakadia, Chris Widmaier

                  How to plan a successful composable commerce migration

                  What to know to move from monolith to composable

                    Headless strategies with Vercel and the MACH Alliance

                      Your guide to headless commerce

                      Avatar for kiana-lewisAvatar for saulitis
                      Kiana Lewis, Peter Saulitis

                      Fast sites, flexibility, and more conversions with Next.js and Shopify

                      Make money, save money with a headless stack

                        How KidSuper built a global streetwear label with Vercel and Next.js

                          Build vs. Buy: What bootstrapping costs your business