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Apr. 21st, 2023

How to increase conversions with a custom architecture on Vercel

Guide to headless ecommerce.

How to reap the benefits of headless

You already know that adopting a headless architecture is a great way to ensure your digital storefront is high-performing, scalable, and increasing in conversions each year. Now the question is: How do you make the switch to reap the benefits? 

Vercel makes the adoption of a custom architecture simple. By using Vercel as the frontend of your headless infrastructure, you can surpass your competitors and key KPIs. 

Monolith vs. headless architecture

Augmenting your legacy all-in-one infrastructure with a headless approach provides unmatched flexibility, performance, and speed—all of which are essential to success for today’s ecommerce stores.

Headless with Vercel

From analytics to zero-config integrations, going headless with Vercel creates a top experience for frontend teams—and their stakeholders. 

Peak performance with Vercel Analytics

See the results of your launch in real time, from real users with Vercel Analytics. With real data over time that developers can map to changes in the code base, your team can quickly pinpoint bottlenecks and make revenue-impacting changes.

64% site performance improvement

With Vercel Analytics, we can track site performance and optimize while developing. This improved our site performance score by 64%!

CTO at Wander

Seamless collaboration with Vercel Previews

Iterate faster with Vercel Previews. From development to production, Vercel’s built-in CI/CD automatically provides preview deployments for every git push. First-class integrations for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket enable a top-tier collaborative experience with zero configuration. 

1.2 million

Preview Deployments per week on Vercel

Near-instant updates with ISR

Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) allows you to update blog posts, product pages, and landing pages without redeploying your site. You can even preview these pages using your headless backend of choice. 

Say hello to better performance, heightened security, and faster time to market. 

We decided to take the plunge and rework our app to take advantage of ISR—the results are pretty awesome. We’ve seen significant improvements in performance!

Tech Lead at Betway

Painless integrations with zero configuration

Experience all your favorite tools in one place, no complex configuration required. 

Integrations allow you to extend the capabilities of Vercel and connect with third-party platforms or services. The integration marketplace provides you with curated integrations that extend and automate your workflow.

Use case: Increasing conversions and revenue with a headless infrastructure at Parachute

Parachute is a modern lifestyle brand that offers thoughtfully designed products using premium quality materials. After seven years of growth, their team began to feel the limitations of their Shopify, all-in-one, solution. 

The team combined Shopify with Contentful and Vercel’s Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) for added flexibility. Now, their developers are set free from working on daily infrastructure maintenance, and the content team can make page and product updates as needed. 

By switching from Shopify to a headless infrastructure, Parachute improved page load times by 60% while increasing conversions and performance

Future-proof with headless commerce

Learn more about how adopting a headless, composable infrastructure can increase your digital storefront’s growth and bottom line with Vercel.

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