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Monday, November 21st 2022

New integrations to extend your Vercel workflow

Posted by

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Cami Cano

Director of Product, Ecosystem

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Noor Al-Alami

Technical Program Manager, Ecosystem

We are excited to announce our integration marketplace has nine new additions:

  • Highlight: send sourcemaps to Highlight for better debugging
  • Inngest: run Vercel functions as background jobs or Cron jobs
  • Knock: add Knock’s notification system to your application
  • Novu: add real-time notifications to your app
  • Sitecore XM Cloud: deploy to Vercel from Sitecore’s headless CMS
  • Svix: add Svix’s webhook service to your application
  • TiDB Cloud: connect your app to a TiDB Cloud cluster
  • Tigris Data: connect a Tigris database to your Vercel project
  • Zeitgeist: manage deployments from mobile

The integration marketplace allows you to extend and automate your workflow by integrating with your favorite tools.

Explore these integrations and more at our Integrations Marketplace.