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Highlight makes it easy to debug customer issues, and uncover the real reasons for errors on your web app. With session replay, error monitoring, and user console visibility, Highlight removes the mystery of debugging.

Additional Information

The Highlight Vercel integration is an easy way to connect your Vercel projects to new or existing projects in Highlight.

Installing the integration will inject an environment variable (see below) to automatically send sourcemaps to Highlight. To complete the integration, set up the frontend and backend SDKs.

Client-side Install Preview

import { H } from '';

H.init('{YOUR_PROJECT_ID}', {
  environment: 'production',
  enableStrictPrivacy: false,

Server-side Install Preview

import { withHighlight } from "@highlight-run/next";

const handler = async (req, res) => {
  res.status(200).json({ name: "Jay" });

export default withHighlight(handler);

Injected Environment Variables

Sourcemap Upload Key

API key used to authenticate and upload source maps to your Highlight project.