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Inngest enables you to run Vercel functions as background jobs or cron jobs. Your functions can be run on a schedule or in the background triggered asynchronously with events using Inngest's SDK.

Inngest's platform acts as an event hub and a job scheduler that securely calls your Vercel functions when specified events are received. Additionally, you can specify a cron-schedule and Inngest will call your Vercel function on whatever interval you configure.

You can keep your API functions and edge functions as fast as possible by triggering events and running code in as background tasks or scheduled functions.

Additional Information

Use Inngest's SDK to easily define background job functions (createFunction) and cron jobs (createScheduledFunction).

All functions that you define should be passed to the SDK's serve function handler in an /api/inngest route using a Vercel serverless function.

Read the getting started guide

The integration sets these environment variables:

  • INNGEST_SIGNING_KEY to enable Inngest to securely call your functions
  • INNGEST_EVENT_KEY to enable your app to send events.

An example of a background function that will be called whenever the "" event is sent to Inngest:

// /pages/api/inngest.js
import { createFunction } from "inngest"
import { serve } from "inngest/next"

const myFn = createFunction("My BG Fn", "", async ({ event }) => {
  return "hello!"

export default serve("My App", [ myFn ])
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