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Inngest enables you to run reliable background jobs and workflows using Vercel functions. Your functions can be run on a schedule or in the background triggered asynchronously with events using Inngest's SDK.

Reliable background jobs

Inngest's platform replaces the need for a queue or workers. Your code sends events to Inngest and Inngest calls your functions via HTTP as needed enabling to to run serverless functions reliably and efficiently in the background.

Deploy Previews

Inngest creates a new Branch Environment for every Vercel deploy preview.

Keep edge functions fast

Send events to Inngest and offloading work to a background function.

Additional Information

Use Inngest's SDK to easily define functions. All functions that you define should be passed to the SDK's serve handler in an /api/inngest route using a Vercel serverless function.

Read the quick started guide

The integration sets two environment variables:

  • INNGEST_SIGNING_KEY to enable Inngest to securely call your functions
  • INNGEST_EVENT_KEY to enable your app to send events.

An example of a background function that will be called whenever the "user.signup" event is sent to Inngest:

// /pages/api/inngest.js
import { Inngest } from "inngest"
import { serve } from "inngest/next"
const inngest = new Inngest({ name: "My App" })
const fn = inngest.createFunction(
{ name: "Welcome email" },
{ event: "user.signup" },
async ({ event }) => {
return await sendEmail(, "welcome")
export default serve(inngest, [fn])
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