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Tigris is a fully-managed developer data platform with an integrated suite of database and data services that instantly provisions, manages, and optimizes the data infrastructure required by your application so that you can stay focused on your application code.

At the moment, Tigris provides the following data services:

  • Document Database with native support for ACID transactions, high availability, fault tolerance, and database branching
  • Search platform that combines database, full-text search, and sync mechanism

Ready to build your next app? See how you can take your idea to production in seconds with Tigris and Vercel. Read the docs to learn more.

Additional Information

This integration will allow you to connect a Tigris project to your Vercel project(s).

After you have completed the integration setup and successfully linked Tigris to your Vercel project(s), head over to your project’s settings page to take a look at the environment variables that connect your Vercel project to your Tigris project:


Pre-built solutions