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Tigris is the easiest way to work with data on Vercel and enables you to build new data-rich applications faster.

  • Use it as a scalable, transactional, real-time backend for your serverless applications.
  • Build data-rich features without worrying about slow queries or missing indexes.
  • Seamlessly implement search within your applications with its embedded search engine.
  • Connect serverless functions with its event streams to build highly responsive applications that scale automatically.

Ready to build your next app? See how you can take your idea to production in seconds with Tigris and Vercel. Read the blog to learn more.

Additional Information

This integration will allow you to connect a Tigris database to your Vercel project(s).

After you have completed the integration setup and successfully linked Tigris to your Vercel project(s), head over to your project’s settings page to take a look at the environment variables that connect your Vercel project to your Tigris database:

Get started with Vercel and Tigris.