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The open-source notification infrastructure for developers

Building a notification system shouldn't be hard. With Novu, our goal is to simplify notifications and provide developers with the tools to create meaningful communication between the system and its users. Add a real-time notification center to your app deployed on Vercel, or send multi-channel notifications with a single API call.

Additional Information


  • Single API for all messaging providers (Email, SMS, Push, Chat)
  • Easily manage notification over multiple channels
  • Equipped with a CMS for advanced layouts and design management
  • Built-in protection for missing variables
  • Easy to set up and integrate
  • Debug and analyze multi-channel messages in a single dashboard
  • Embeddable notification center with real-time updates
  • Community driven

Getting Started

After setting up your account, you can trigger the API using the @novu/node package.

import { Novu } from '@novu/node';
const novu = new Novu(process.env.NOVU_API_SECRET);
await novu.trigger('<TRIGGER_NAME>', {
to: [{
subscriberId: '<UNIQUE_IDENTIFIER>',
email: '',
firstName: 'John',
payload: {
name: "Hello World"

Environment variables

This integration will add two variables:

  • NOVU_CLIENT_APP_ID Used for showing the notification center component
  • NOVU_API_SECRET Used to trigger events
Get started with Vercel and Novu.