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Why doesn't a Git push trigger a new deployment?

You might have pushed something to a Git provider and noticed that a new deployment has not been triggered. That's because we deduplicate deployments and only trigger new ones that meet the requirements described below.

Deployments Are Deduplicated

In order to make deployments faster and more efficient, we skip creating a new deployment if we don't detect any changes in the project's source files or environment variables. Note that a project's is not counted as a source file and doesn't end up as a build output.

Make sure that you are commiting changes to your project source code before you push and our system will properly detect those changes and trigger a new build.

If you've made sure that a change to your source code or modified environment variables still did not result in a new deployment and your project is properly connected to a Git provider, please fill out a support request with the commit hash in question.

You can read more technical details on build deduplication here.

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