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Friday, February 17th 2023

How Indent delivers secure access with Next.js and Vercel

Indent is a security company that enables teams to perform critical business operations faster and more securely. They help organizations like HackerOne, Modern Treasury, and PlanetScale manage temporary access to cloud infrastructure for engineering teams and admin escalation for IT and security teams.

One of the key selling points for their customers is an easy-to-use experience for everyone at a company to request, approve, and revoke access from Slack or their web dashboard. Indent turned to Next.js to provide unparalleled developer experience and a performant end-user experience for their application and public-facing website.

My favorite UX feedback from customers is: 'How is the app so fast?' Because we’ve built on Next.js and Vercel since day one, our pages load in an instant, which is important when it comes to mission-critical software.

Fouad Matin Co-founder/CEO

Enabling faster time-to-feedback with previews

All product and marketing work at Indent ultimately results in a Vercel Preview Deployment that can be shared for real-time feedback, even when the team is globally distributed. When an engineer is ready to get design or interaction feedback, they can share a link with their stakeholders that includes the capability to leave live comments on the page. In just a few moments, initial feedback is complete. And before they ship to production, they can share with a customer to confirm the changes work as they expected.

Previews speed up time-to-feedback by 80%. Instead of waiting for a feature to land on production before hearing from customers—now it's just part of the development process.

Receive feedback on your Preview Deployments from Team members and invited collaborators with comments.
Receive feedback on your Preview Deployments from Team members and invited collaborators with comments.

Indent's engineering team is able to save countless hours from not having to manage configuration changes or keeping React up-to-date by relying on the smart defaults that come out of the box with Next.js. As a security company, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest versions of software and patch vulnerabilities, which is made easier thanks to Next.

The Next.js team's focus on deep zero-migration features (move to Webpack 5, SWC compiler, built-in TypeScript and linting) is a continuous stream of free quality-of-life improvements.

Natalie Marleny  Software Engineer

Along with faster feedback, running Next.js on Vercel allows Indent to take full advantage of a modern CMS like Sanity. Non-technical team members can contribute to marketing content without touching code, and Preview Deployments ensure feedback stays just as fast. Preview URLs automatically update when new content is created, so changes don't require a redeploy or engineering support. For Indent, that means faster iteration and time saved for the most critical projects.

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