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Wednesday, November 30th 2022

Scale unifies design and performance with Next.js and Vercel

Scale is a data platform company serving machine learning teams at places like Lyft, SAP, and Nuro. It might come as a surprise to learn that they do all this with only three designers. Their secret to scaling fast: Vercel and Next.js

As the first designer at multiple companies, Scale’s Ricky Rauch knows the importance that design has in a business’s success, even when the team is in growth mode: “Vercel gives us the ability to create gorgeous apps and models with less resources. When we first started, customers, job candidates, and other stakeholders would assume we had a full design team…they had no idea it was just one other frontend developer and me!” 

"When I compare Vercel and Next.js to other tools we've used internally at Scale, we have optimizations, support, and speed we didn't have before."

Alexandr WangCEO at Scale

The team speeds up development and iteration cycles using Vercel features like collaborative Preview Deployments, performance analytics, and the Vercel CLI. This empowers them to get products up and running in under five minutes, and equips them with actionable insights to make post-production improvements.

Scale focuses on delivering engineers unbiased, highly accurate training data at speed. They create data dashboards and intranet tools for many of their customers, and thanks to Vercel, the dashboards are fast and visually appealing. “We never need help from DevOps–just us frontend engineers are able to handle all infra ourselves,” explains Scale software engineer Shawn Farsai. 

“With Vercel, we don’t have to maintain infrastructure or have a dedicated team to improve the developer experience. In fact, we have a great developer experience without a lot of work. I only spend a couple hours each month managing systems and DevEx. It saves Scale money too."

Ricky RauchDesigner at Scale

The Scale team loves the quick deployment and build times that Vercel offers. Within minutes of an idea, they have Preview Deployment links to share with the rest of the team. This allows them to share feedback with stakeholders and reference an archive of previous ideas and iterations. They also love the numerous partner integrations, especially with Okta, GitHub, and Slack. Their security team is a huge fan of easy Okta access and highly secure features that come with Vercel. 

As an Enterprise customer, the Scale team is consistently pleased with their Customer Success service. “Whenever we want to do something with Vercel or Next.js, our Customer Success Manager makes it happen. Even if it’s something that isn’t even publicly available yet.” 

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