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Wednesday, February 22nd 2023

How Vercel and Next.js keep Rippling on their rising path to success

After going from $13M to $100M in revenue in two years, HR platform Rippling needed a frontend stack as fast and flexible as its innovative solutions.

As they scaled to over 600 pages, engineer Robert Schneiderman realized that a fullstack WordPress solution wouldn't be able to handle their stakeholders' rapid iteration needs while maintaining the performance their customers require. By leveraging Next.js and Vercel alongside their WordPress headless CMS, Rippling was able to build a solution that kept developers, content creators, and customers happy.

As the company grows, teams across Rippling are empowered to make the changes they need. Over 90% of site changes are deployed by stakeholders immediately, giving Schneiderman the freedom to keep improving Rippling’s site performance and user experience. 

"I haven't thought about using anything else since adopting Vercel and Next.js. It’s extremely cutting edge."

Robert SchneidermanWeb Engineer at Rippling

With Vercel and Next.js’ on-demand Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR), he doesn’t have to wait for changes to deploy or build a CI/CD pipeline from scratch. ISR has been “a game-changing feature”, allowing updates to be made in WordPress and pushed live as soon as Schneiderman hits publish. On Vercel, updates get propagated in as little as 300ms, ensuring that his stakeholders and customers aren't waiting around or seeing older versions of the site.

“I absolutely love it. I couldn’t ask for anything more in a framework,” says Schneiderman, noting major build time improvements. Even as his application grows, build times stay fast since pages can defer generation on request or through an API instead of during the build. 

The benefits of an efficient site workflow reverberate throughout the company, especially for Rippling’s engineering manager, William Borges, who is able to make smarter decisions about where to invest, like in backend work. Thanks to Schneiderman’s one-developer team, Rippling has the flexibility and resources to make the tooling decisions they need to bring their growing platform to more customers. 

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