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Wednesday, November 15th 2023

Vercel Cron Jobs are now generally available

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Andy Schneider

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Chris Widmaier

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Vincent Voyer

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Vercel Cron Jobs let you to run scheduled jobs for things like data backups or archives, triggering updates to third-party APIs, sending email and Slack notifications, or any task you need to run on a schedule.

By using a specific syntax called a cron expression, you can define the frequency and timing of each task. Cron Jobs work with any frontend framework and can be defined in vercel.json. You can use them to run your Serverless Functions and Edge Functions.

During the beta, we made Cron Jobs more secure by providing an environment variable with the name CRON_SECRET. We also added support for Deployment Protection and Instant Rollback.

Cron Jobs are now included for customers on all plans. Per account, users on the Hobby plan will have access to 2 Cron Jobs, users on the Pro plan will have access to 40 Cron Jobs, and users on the Enterprise plan will have access to 100 Cron Jobs.

Check out our documentation or deploy an example with Cron Jobs.