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Thursday, September 29th 2022

Improvements and Fixes

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Tom Knickman

Software Engineer

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John Pham

Design Engineer

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Steven Salat

Software Engineer

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Rich Haines

Director of Documentation

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Max Leiter

Software Engineer

With your feedback, we've shipped bug fixes and small feature requests to improve your product experience.

  • Vercel CLI: v28.4.5 was released with bug fixes and improved JSON parsing.
  • A new system environment variable: VERCEL_GIT_PREVIOUS_SHA is now available in the Ignored Build Step, allowing scripts to compare changes against the SHA of the last successful deployment for the current project, and branch.
  • Vercel dashboard navigation: We’ve made it easier to navigate around the dashboard with the Command Menu. You can now search for a specific setting and get linked right to it on the page.
  • More granular deployment durations: The total duration time shown in the deployment tab on the Vercel dashboard now includes all 3 steps (building, checking, and assigning domains) and the time stamp next to each step is no longer rounded up.
  • Transferring projects: When transferring a project, the current team is always shown in the dropdown, disabled, with a "Current" label at the end. This is to prevent users from trying to transfer a project to the same Hobby team it already is in and also to keep the current team context.
  • Improved deployment logs: Logs that start with npm ERR! are now highlighted in red in deployment logs.  
  • CLI docs revamp: The Vercel CLI docs have moved and now include release phases and plan call-outs.
  • Build environment updates: Node.js updated to v16.16.0, npm updated to v8.11.0, pnpm updated to v7.12.2.