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Monday, January 22nd 2024

Protect your Edge Config with a JSON schema

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Aaron Morris

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Dominik Ferber

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Andy Schneider

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Chris Widmaier

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You can now protect your Edge Config with a JSON schema. Use schema protection to prevent unexpected updates that may cause bugs or downtime.

Edge Config is a low latency data store accessed from Vercel Functions or Edge Middleware. It is ideal for storing experimentation data like feature flags and A/B testing cohorts, as well as configuration data for Middleware routing rules like redirects or blocklists.

To protect an Edge Config with a schema:

  • Select the Storage tab in the dashboard and then create or select your Edge Config
  • Toggle the Schema button to open the schema editing tab. Enter your JSON schema into the editor, and Vercel will use the schema to validate your data in real-time
  • Click Save. This will save changes to both the schema and data

Check out the documentation to learn more.