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Wednesday, April 10th 2024

Gemini AI Chatbot with Generative UI support

Posted by

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Jared Palmer

VP of Product, AI

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Shu Ding

Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

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Jeremy Philemon

Software Engineer

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Max Leiter

Software Engineer

The Gemini AI Chatbot template is a streaming-enabled, Generative UI starter application. It's built with the Vercel AI SDK, Next.js App Router, and React Server Components & Server Actions.

This template features persistent chat history, rate limiting to prevent abuse, session storage, user authentication, and more.

The Gemini model used is models/gemini-1.0-pro-001, however, the Vercel AI SDK enables exploring an LLM provider (like OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere, Hugging Face, or using LangChain) with just a few lines of code.

Try the demo or deploy your own.