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Tuesday, October 18th 2022

Next.js Conf 2022: Iterate, scale, and deliver a great UX

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Hassan El Mghari

Senior Developer Advocate

On October 25, at 10:30am PT, nearly 90,000 viewers will tune in virtually to see what’s new for React and Next.js developers, while hearing over 25 experts share how they use Next.js to iterate, scale, and deliver amazing UX. Register for Next.js Conf 2022 today to join them live and see what’s coming.

Whether you’re part of a small team or an enterprise, take a sneak peek at what's in store for the most anticipated developer experience of the year.

Look towards the future with Kelsey Hightower

Next.js Conf is where web developers around the world can hear from the brightest minds creating with Next.js.

The future of the Web: from cloud to edge

For this year's closing keynote, we're excited to have Kelsey Hightower, Principal Engineer at Google, join Vercel CEO Guillermo Rauch in a fireside chat to discuss the future of the Web.

Deploy and deliver content faster at scale

Next.js is designed to meet you where you are and grow with you. At Next.js Conf, hear developers share lessons learned as they scale their applications and modernize their architectures.

Scaling Next.js with WordPress to a million developers

RapidAPI’s VP of DevRel Ahmad Awais chose to augment WordPress with Next.js and Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) to get the best of both worlds—and scale to over one million developers. You’ll finish this talk understanding how to combine WordPress with Next.js for a powerful combination that enables massive scale and growth.

Data that scales: from modern frontends to the edge

Tune in to learn how to deliver highly scalable, globally distributed applications with ease. This talk covers how MongoDB’s developer data platform integrates seamlessly with Next.js and Vercel by simplifying your development experience with an intuitive document model and built-in data services.

Building the greatest tech stacks with Next.js

See how three featured speakers use Next.js with different tech stacks to create exceptional apps.

Next.js is a backend framework

Theo Browne, CEO of Ping and popular streamer, will explain how Next.js is much more than a frontend framework. If you want to see the backend capabilities of Next.js and experience its full-stack power, this talk is for you.

How Next.js & Prisma make frontend developers full stack

Amy Dutton, the director of design at ZEAL, shares how Next.js and Prisma empower frontend developers to be full-stack developers. She’ll also explain concepts like API routes, schemas, and more. 

Building a design system in Next.js with Tailwind

Tru Narla, Discord software engineer and popular streamer, will go over the logistics of how to set up a design system in a Next.js application, break the Figma components out into React components, handle type safety, and build accessible and easily customizable UI.

Advanced experimentation with Next.js and Edge Middleware

Experimentation is crucial to developing a robust user experience, but it often comes at the expense of performance. Join developers from Tinybird and as they explore how Next.js can deliver great user experiences, without sacrificing performance.

Building an extensible web analytics SaaS in 3 weeks with Next.js

Tinybird Frontend Engineer Raquel Yuste will share how her team built a fully-fledged and extensible analytics tracker and dashboard using Vercel Edge Middleware in just three weeks. Tune in to see how Edge Functions enabled the build and how developers can extend the real-time analytics open-source starterkit with Next.js, Tinybird, and Vercel—all using a privacy-first approach.

Optimally using third-party services with Next.js Co-Founder and CEO Steve Sewell will describe how to load third-party scripts with Next.js so you can have a fast, feature-rich, and always up-to-date Next.js site. You'll learn how and when to use the Script component, how to maximize data-freshness, and more.

Those are just a few of the talks we have in store for you during Next.js Conf 2022. Register today to tune in on October 25 at 10:30am PT to watch the entire expert lineup, live. Check out the full list of speakers to see who else is presenting.