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Edge Functions (Beta)

Fearlessly Dynamic

Edge Functions give you the benefits of static with the power of dynamic. Now you can personalize and experiment without sacrificing speed or performance.

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Geolocation Edge Function


Push your functions
to the edge

Any framework, any function, everywhere.
Deployed with a single command.

~/frontend/ npm i -g vercel
~/frontend/ vercel link
~/frontend/ git push
Zero Configuration

Code over configuration

By adding a few pieces of code at deployment time, you can define the entire global infrastructure of your application with zero configuration. Your code and your infrastructure work in harmony to deliver the fastest, most performant user experience with any framework.

Speed with no compromises

Instant code execution

Goodbye, cold boots. Experience instant boots and 100x faster startup. Fetch your data without connection pooling, using standard web APIs and a brand new Edge runtime.

Zero client burden

Reduce unnecessary burden on your users’ client without impacting load times. Better performance, longer battery life, smoother experience.

Integrated experience

Benefit from a seamless integration with your favorite frameworks and tools, automatically optimized and deployed in a single workflow.

Framework agnostic

Deploy Edge Functions directly to Vercel from any frontend framework with our Build Output API. No additional tooling or steps required.

Code Examples

Unlock the potential of edge computing

From authentication to feature-flagging, explore the possibilities of Edge Functions and deploy your own in seconds.

Google Optimize A/B Testing

Google Optimize experiments at the edge

Simple A/B Testing

Run A/B tests from the server-side

API Rate Limiting With Keys

IP blocking and rate limiting using API keys

API Rate Limiting

Use Upstash to rate limit your API at the edge

Basic Auth

Password protection for your pages using edge middleware

Bot Detection with Botd

Use the browser library Botd to do bot detection at the edge

DataDome Bot Protection

Real-time security protections at the edge with DataDome

Crypto Web API

An example demonstrating how to utilize crypto Web APIs at the edge

Feature Flags Apple Store

Use middleware to temporarily close your online store

A/B Testing with ConfigCat

See how to use ConfigCat's feature flags at the edge

A/B Testing with Split

Use Split to run A/B tests on your server

Geolocation Country Block

Block requests based on their country of origin


Access the user's location through the event.request.geo object

Hostname Rewrites

Support a multi-tenant infrastructure using middleware

i18n Example

This example shows how to redirect users based on i18n configuration

DataDome IP Blocking

Use DataDome's real-time security protections for your website

JWT Authentication

Middleware demo of JWT authentication at the edge

Power Parity Pricing #2

PPP strategies using request geolocation object at the edge

Power Parity Pricing

PPP using request geolocation object on edge middleware

Filtering Query Parameters

Remove query params from request paths

Edge Redirects with Upstash

Middleware showcasing redirects that get evaluated at the edge