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Tuesday, April 18th 2023

Building towards operational excellence at CORE Construction

How Vercel powers data-driven decisions at a multi-billion dollar construction company.

Balancing the intricacies of construction management requires a keen focus on efficiency and innovation. For technology-driven construction management company, CORE Construction, their unique approach hinges on adhering to their set standards within a program called Operational Excellence (OPEX). To reach the pinnacle of OPEX, the CORE team relies on their developers to deliver innovative solutions that push the boundaries of the industry.

Searching for speed

The first iteration of CORE's internal Business Insights (BI) tool was deployed on AWS. As the tool grew in importance and awareness, the company realized it needed a dedicated product solution that allowed them to deliver the best to their stakeholders.

The switch to Vercel provided a more stable, reliable pipeline and the ability to operate more effectively.

With over 1,200 full-time employees, and over 1.3 billion in annual revenue—understanding their data in a streamlined platform helps to ensure their success.

Thanks to Vercel, CORE can build a custom, mission-critical BI tool for their employees and contractors that can withstand the pace of their growth.

A single platform for the whole team

Vercel also allows the CORE team to see the whole picture, providing a single platform and data experience across the company. With shared tools and more transparency, there’s less friction, pain points can be addressed, and bottlenecks are removed.

“The biggest thing for our users is to have up-to-date and reliable data. That is number one,” says Producer Jason Deutsch. “Having the flexibility to serve pages quickly through Static Site Generation and using Server Side Rendering on project-specific pages has been especially helpful.”

A better feedback loop 

One tool that has helped improve collaboration and decrease time to deployment is Vercel’s Preview Deployments. It ensures they’re always pushing good code (and never pushing a regression)—and ensures trust between teams. What’s more, they don't have to train anyone to use a new tool. Anyone, from a VP to a CEO, can just open the URL and start giving feedback. 

Now, they have weekly releases and bigger milestones every month. “We’re working a lot faster,” says Deutsch. “And building the right things.”

Achieving OPEX

That velocity, versatility, flexibility, and stability is what pushes CORE forward as they bring construction into the future. 

And things are only getting faster: As CORE has upgraded from Next.js 10 to 11 and now 12, their builds have gone from 30 minutes down to 14. That time saved is the key to keeping CORE innovating, driving data-driven construction forward, and providing high-quality Operational Excellence to customers everywhere.

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