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Code in the browser.
With your team.

Instantly share, chat, draw, and edit from anywhere in the world. Next.js Live enables real-time collaboration for your entire team.


Your development environment. Reimagined.

Generate a live URL in seconds that you can share to anyone with a browser, no software or dependencies needed. Chat, draw, and edit code directly in the browser, with no need to redeploy.

Ready In Seconds

Generate a live URL in seconds. No build step required.

In-browser Editing

With new technology like ES Modules, ServiceWorkers, and WebAssembly.

Invite Your Whole Team

Collaborate with non-developers faster than ever before.


All you need is a web browser. No downloads or extensions needed.

Secure by default

All code runs inside the browser, not on virtual machines or your device.

Faster than Local Dev

Because it runs entirely within the browser, server responses have less latency than localhost.

Take Next.js Live for a spin

Pick a template, try Next.js Live, and let us know your thoughts!

Virtual Event Starter Kit

An immersive virtual event template scaled to any size.

Clone & Deploy

Documentation Starter Kit

Markdown powered docs site. Built with Next.js.

Clone & Deploy

Next.js App

A Next.js app and a Serverless Function API.

Clone & Deploy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Next.js Live will work for any Next.js application, regardless of where you host it. The only requirement is a Vercel account, enabling collaboration with others on your Vercel Team.

The Next.js Live development server engine, reimagined to run entirely in the browser, will be completely open-source when made generally available.

Collaboration features such as authentication, comments, cursors, drawing, and global code syncronization require a platform such as Vercel.

Next.js Live puts the entire development process inside the web browser, which opens up some great possibilities, like collaborating and sharing instantaneously with a URL (without a build step).

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Service Workers, WebAssembly, ES Modules, Sucrase, and Tailwind JIT, everything that's possible when you run Next.js on your machine is now also possible in the context of remote collaboration. We didn't do this just because it's possible; we did it because it's actually faster.

The multiplayer collaboration in Next.js Live is built on top of Replicache. Cursors, chat, and even code edits are written into Replicache locally for instant updates and synced in the background to the cloud and collaborators.

Apply for the private beta today to be one of the first to try Next.js Live. We will contact you with further information when you are invited into the private beta.