How long does it take to get a response from Vercel Support?

How Vercel Support Works

Vercel has Customer Success Engineers available in multiple time zones to assist customers all around the world.

Tickets are processed by the order in which they are received. This means that, when you submit your request, you will need to wait for all requests submitted by customers on the same plan as you to be fulfilled before a response is received.

The exceptions to this are Enterprise customers submitting tickets covered by a support plan or SLA - these customers make up a separate queue and receive support in line with the terms they have agreed with Vercel Support. Our Pro and Hobby tiers are not covered by a support plan or SLA.

Reducing Your Support Queue Time

To reduce your Vercel Support response times, you can put in place a support plan or SLA by speaking with our enterprise team.

We highly recommend that businesses with production critical workloads or time sensitive deployments put in place a support plan or SLA. By doing so, you will be given a specific turnaround time for receiving responses from Vercel Support.

Further Information

For more information regarding Vercel Support, please see our support terms.

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