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We are Futurice – an outcome-focused digital transformation company with Nordic roots and a global outlook.

We design and develop digital products and services to help you make a measurable and sustainable business impact. 

Whether your biggest challenges are about driving sustainable growth, offering world-class digital experiences, choosing the technologies you need to support your business, or future-proofing your culture, we will help you solve them.


We are builders, innovators and change agents committed to overcoming complexity and shaping the next generation of connected companies.

Futurice combines the power of data and AI with human creativity across customer experiences, business models and operating models. In doing so, our goal is to deliver measurable outcomes that positively affect our clients’ business, their industries, and wider society.

We provide technical and design skills, agile practices and managed services to adapt to evolving market demands, ensuring sustainable value creation throughout the lifecycle.

Futurice is the partner for innovative and future-proof transformations, empowering businesses to thrive in dynamic environments.

Our ideal project

Ideal projects for us are the collaborative, problem-solving, future-focused ones. The ones that begin with a sketch of an idea or business goal, or the recognition of an issue worth fixing. 

We prefer to work as one team with a client partner, with Futurice providing multidisciplinary capabilities across strategy, design and development. Although we often work in modular fashion, the most impactful Futurice projects are those where we take a product or service all the way from blank page to launch and beyond. 

Our working style is open and collaborative, with a low hierarchy model ensuring all Futurice people are active contributors and true consultants. Our work rests upon user research; expertly gained, shared and blended into the development of a product or service.  

Whether it’s a legacy tech or a greenfield scenario, we bring cutting-edge methods, tools and techniques. 

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