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Callstack is a tech company based in Wrocław, Poland, that provides best-in-class React and React Native services. We inspire and support top industry leaders in shipping better digital products to their users. The solutions we arrive at empower businesses to meet their goals.

We co-create the technology we offer. We collaborate daily with the Meta team on setting the direction for the future growth of the React Native framework, and much more. We don’t follow best practices, we set them!


We offer a wide range of React and React Native services. Our engineers are top experts happy to help you advance your project. They’re also trusted Open Source contributors.

What we can do for you:

  • Web development with Next.js
  • Web development with React
  • Mobile development with React Native
  • React Native consulting
  • Web Performance audits
  • Mobile Performance audits
  • Augmenting dev teams
  • Upskilling dev teams

Our ideal project

We love to work on projects at scale, especially ones that involve technical challenges, focus on end-user experience, and result in Open Source solutions we partner with. 

Preferably we run projects in which we can show our expertise. In an ideal scenario, we use React Native and React paired with Next.js. 

A close partnership is our favored model of collaboration. You set the direction, we get to know your business goals and apply a custom tech solution to achieve them.

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