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Ship blazing fast sites, with zero configuration.

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Vercel Edge

Meet the Smartest Approach to CDN, Ever.

ZERO configuration. Goodbye CNAME records.

Our Edge Network is seamlessly built into the Vercel deployment experience. Just push to deploy, and automatically get world-class CDN at no cost. Don’t waste time configuring CDN —
instead, focus on shipping code.

Matt D Smith

As a designer who loves to create frontend code but not messing with servers, I love that Vercel makes it super easy to upload my project with a custom domain, automatic SSL, and even a free CDN with no configuration on the backend whatsoever. It just works.

Matt D SmithCreator @ Flowkit

ZERO lag. Execute code at the edge.

Data APIs running slow? Cache them. Vercel Edge Network and SPR™ are a match made in heaven — replicate the performance of static on your API layer by caching dynamic responses globally. Make everyone happy, regardless of where they are.

Nick Stahlnecker

Fitt is available in 29 cities across 3 countries and 6 timezones. We needed our site to be as fast as possible across all of our cities. Using Vercel we were able to have our site perform fast everywhere, with no extra work on our end.

Nick StahlneckerHead of Engineering @ Fitt

ZERO downtime. Free insurance for cloud.

An outage can cost your business dearly. Why limit yourself to a single cloud provider, when you can have them all? Vercel Edge Network is multi-cloud by design — get automatically switched to a different region during outages. Nobody will know.

Megh Vakharia

The Vercel Edge Network is a powerup that helps Integral Studio set the music industry standard on uptime, enabling our artist experiences to stay live with millions of hits and no downtime, even when major infrastructure providers go down.

Megh VakhariaCTO @ Integral

ZERO stale content. Invalidate caches automatically.

Today’s development tools make it inexpensive to iterate hundreds of times every week. Don’t let manual cache maintenance become the bottleneck to your fast workflow. Edge Network invalidates caches automatically so you can deploy and rollback effortlessly.

Daniel Rasmuson

Vercel enables the Labelbox marketing and product team to quickly iterate on our brand and customer communication. Within 30 seconds the team can deploy website changes globally through Vercel's managed CDN. Letting our engineers focus on our core product.

Daniel RasmusonCTO @ Labelbox

The modern developer’s platform of choice.

Static Sites and Frontends

Vercel has Edge Regions everywhere your visitors are.

Just push to deploy, and enjoy automatic global propagation instantly. Vercel Edge Network works invisibly, to make your site blazing fast, visibly.

Serverless Functions

Infinitely scalable backends, without any of the setup.

Develop a logic function locally, and push to deploy with a single command. Go from zero to API in 3 seconds — no devops necessary.

Serverless Pre-Rendering (SPR)

Intelligent caching for your data layer.

Don’t hit your API when you don’t need to. Enjoy static-like performance with the versatility and SEO benefits of dynamic. Your APIs will thank you.

Scale Globally, Automatically.