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Friday, April 14th 2023

Making Commerce-UI a trusted partner for global ecommerce brands

Commerce-UI is a boutique agency focused on composable eCommerce that specializes in creating optimized, performant experiences for design-driven brands. Thanks to Next.js and Vercel, they’re able to help clients—like viral sensation Lift Foils—discover headless commerce, while providing a seamless shopping experience to users around the world.

Providing performance

The team at Commerce-UI understands the importance of site speed (and maintaining that site speed) for eCommerce websites, especially when they’re packed with images, videos, and other multimedia. This is where Vercel comes in, keeping their sites fast and responsive even when rendering heavy content. 

Many Commerce-UI clients start with Wordpress or custom PHP, but quickly find these technologies hinder growth when they want to start serving more personalized experiences. As modern eCommerce demands reliable and maintainable solutions, CTO Michal Wolczecki-Klim asserts, "it wouldn't be possible to build a sustainable system using their old technologies."  Plus, they needed to invest in maintaining a full DevOps team to serve their old sites. For a solution that can handle the infrastructure for both dynamic and static content, they recommend Next.js and Vercel as the perfect performant pair.

Managing scale on a viral level

One of Commerce-UI’s biggest success stories is the global brand Lift Foils, which needed a solution for expanding into new regions quickly after it went viral and doubled site traffic overnight. Using Edge Middleware, Commerce-UI was able to help Lift Foils create dedicated pages for each region, which were then localized and personalized. This allowed Lift Foils to provide a fast and seamless experience for their customers everywhere, even during traffic spikes of 200%.

And it’s not just Commerce-UI that gets the benefits of Vercel and Next.js: their clients do too. That means with features like Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR), Commerce-UI’s team and their users can easily create or update content without having to redeploy their site. All while maintaining strong Core Web Vitals and keeping metrics like Cumulative Layout Shift at zero.

ISR is vital for building our ecommerce sites in terms of performance and stability. Being able to first statically build all sites and spot some potential bugs is a win. It’s a non-complex and reliable system for us.

Michal Wolczecki-Klim CTO

Improving the developer experience

But Commerce-UI isn’t only concerned with providing their clients with a seamless experience—they want to make sure their developers are taken care of, too. From Preview Deployments, which make it simple to collaborate with stakeholders to building webhooks that trigger a site rebuild when, say, Shopify configurations change, Vercel makes sharing work across teams simple, decreases time to production, and offers out-of-the-box support for modern tech stacks. 

All of this makes the developer experience better, which keeps the whole system running smoothly, whether a site is just launching or becoming an overnight viral sensation. 

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