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Wednesday, November 30th 2022

How Vercel helped justInCase Technologies cut their build time in half

justInCase Technologies’ development team needed a platform that would allow them to deliver a faster user experience without sacrificing developer experience. They struggled with their cloud platform’s infrastructure, with GitHub previews on a previous solution often getting stuck on the queued stage and failing. Not only were builds slow, they were also unreliable.

Once they made the switch to Vercel, they no longer faced preview failures. With 50% faster builds, they now save 72 hours of developer time per month.

In the insurance business, there is a lot of legal text that needs to quickly be read and approved by multiple parties, and frequent small fixes are part of the team’s everyday workflow.

Previously, even if the team wanted to change just one small part of their monorepo, they had to manage multiple continuous development (CD) pipelines and lost time simply waiting for run queues that often failed. Thanks to Vercel’s Preview Deployments, they no longer need to wait or worry—saving their front-end developers more than six hours per developer per month.

"After we started moving our projects to Vercel, we immediately saw the development efficiency benefits."

Takahiro OhataCTO at justInCase Technologies

Those combined 72 hours saved have enabled their team to manage more products, build a new blog, and deliver a better user experience with a 100 score on PageSpeed Insights for their corporate site on desktop. To save even more time, they also enabled GitHub Actions on Vercel, an integrated tool that helps automate their workflow. 

This switch has also made justInCase Technologies a more enticing place to work for the next generation of developers; the team notes that job applicants love hearing that they use Vercel and Next.js. With an empowered team and far fewer roadblocks, justInCase Technologies can do what they do best: provide the best insurance to people who need it.  

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