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Wednesday, November 30th 2022

DatoCMS builds 60% faster with a streamlined workflow

DatoCMS provides over 25,000 businesses with a headless CMS built for the modern Web. Since their users rely on them for speed and innovation, they needed to find a fix fast when build times grew and complexity increased on their static CDN. By switching to Next.js on Vercel, the team was able to cut build times by 60% while achieving both a better developer experience and simpler infrastructure.

DatoCMS chose Next.js on Vercel because it provided the flexibility, speed, and simplicity they needed to cut build times from 10 to 4 minutes.

The team wanted a solution that would let them choose how to generate pages to optimize performance, rather than be limited only to static generation. Now using both Static Generation and Server Side Rendering, they can do a mix of static and dynamic, depending on the page. Having this feature ready to go out of the box saves their team hours they would have otherwise spent building it on their own. 

“Being able to see updates in real time is one of the reasons why we recommend Next.js on Vercel to most of our customers. It’s our preferred choice that we recommend at the moment.”

Matteo GiacconeProduct Manager at DatoCMS

Streamlining their workflow is another way DatoCMS relies on Vercel to build faster and empower their developers. Previously, DatoCMS would need to perform previews on one platform and deploy on another, creating unnecessary friction in the development process. Now, they’re able to build, preview, and deploy all on one platform. 

By running Next.js on Vercel, DatoCMS was able to create their newest standout feature: the Realtime Updates API. Their users can make changes on their CMS and automatically update their website without pressing a button—creating seamless real-time updates their customers love.

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