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Friday, September 22nd 2023

@vercel/toolbar available to use collaboration features in production

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George Karagkiaouris

Software Engineer

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Shaquil Hansford

Content Developer

Comments and other collaboration features are available in all Preview Deployments on Vercel. Now, you can enable them in Production Deployments and localhost by injecting the Vercel toolbar on any site with our @vercel/toolbar package.

import { VercelToolbar } from '@vercel/toolbar/next';
import { useIsEmployee } from 'lib/auth'; // Your auth library
export function StaffToolbar() {
const isEmployee = useIsEmployee();
return isEmployee ? <VercelToolbar /> : null;

By using the @vercel/toolbar npm package you and your team can leave feedback with Comments, take advantage of Draft Mode to view unpublished CMS content, or use Visual Editing on your production application.

This package is available to users on all plans and is our first step in bringing the Vercel Toolbar into your production sites.

Check out the documentation to learn more.