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Friday, February 16th 2024

@vercel/otel 1.3.0

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Dima Voytenko

Principal Engineer

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JJ Kasper

Software Engineer

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Andrew Gadzik

Software Engineer

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Gary Borton

Engineering Manager

Vercel and Next.js provide increased observability of your applications through OpenTelemetry.

import { registerOTel } from '@vercel/otel';
export function register() {
registerOTel({ serviceName: 'acme-co' });
Using the Vercel OTEL package with Next.js.

v1.3.0 of @vercel/otel now providing custom resource and operation names for Datadog to satisfy their cardinality requirements. You can group related URL paths for a given span to reduce cardinality and associated usage.

For example, /products/hoodie can be mapped to /products/[name].

Learn more in our documentation or start using the package with Next.js.