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Thursday, June 15th 2023

Vercel KV is now generally available for Hobby and Pro customers

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Adrian Cooney

Software Engineer

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Fabio Benedetti

Software Engineer

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Edward Thomson

Director of Product, Ship

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Dom Busser

Director of Engineering

Vercel KV, our durable Redis database that enables you to store and retrieve JSON data, is now generally available.

This feature is available for Hobby and Pro users with Hobby users getting 1 Database, 30,000 requests per month, 256 MB total storage, and 256 MB data transfer per month. Pro users will get 1 Database, 150,000 requests per month, 512 MB total storage, 512 MB data transfer per month. Billing will begin on June 20th.

On-demand pricing for Pro users has also been lowered, with total storage reduced 17% from $0.30/GB to $0.25/GB and data transfer reduced 50% from $0.20/GB to $0.10/GB.

To see your usage, visit the the Usage page in the Dashboard. If you want to stop leveraging Vercel KV or see how to optimize your usage, you can stop querying the database and delete it. If you're an Enterprise company interested in using Vercel KV, you can contact us to get started.

Check out the documentation to learn more about Vercel KV.