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Top PathsBeta

View target paths that cause the most usage. Learn More

Amount of data transferred from any unique path


The amount of data that your Deployments have received or sent. Learn More


The number of requests your Deployments have received. Learn More

Serverless Functions


The number of times your Functions received a request (does not include Cache Hits). Learn More


Time functions have spent computing responses. Learn More


The number of times that a request to your Functions could not be served because the concurrency limit was hit. Learn More

Edge Middleware


The number of times your Edge Middleware received a request. Learn More

CPU Utilization

The average time your Middleware has spent computing responses to requests. Learn More


Build Time

The amount of time that your Deployments have spent being queued or building. Learn More

Number of Builds

How many times a build was issued for one of your Deployments. Learn More


Time Saved

The time saved by using local or remote cached artifacts. Learn More

Number of Remote Cache Artifacts

The number of downloaded and uploaded artifacts. Learn More

Total Size of Remote Cache Artifacts

The total size of all successfully downloaded and uploaded artifacts. Learn More



The number of individual points of data that were reported from your visitor’s browsers for the Analytics feature. Learn More

Image Optimization

The number of source images that were requested from your Deployments. Learn More