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Monday, May 1st 2023

Introducing Vercel KV

Posted by

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Adrian Cooney

Software Engineer

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Fabio Benedetti

Software Engineer

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Edward Thomson

Director of Product, Ship

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Dom Busser

Director of Engineering

Vercel KV is a serverless, durable Redis database, making it easy to implement features like rate limiting, session management, and also manage application state.

The Redis-compatible SDK works from Edge or Serverless Functions and scales with your traffic. KV stores are single region by default, but can be replicated to multiple regions for distributed workloads.

import kv from '@vercel/kv';
export async function getPrefs() {
const prefs = await kv.get('prefs');
return prefs || {};
export async function updatePrefs(prefs: Record<string, string>) {
return kv.set('prefs', prefs);

Vercel KV is available for Hobby and Pro users during the public beta.

Check out our documentation to learn more.