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Friday, July 9th 2021

SAML Single Sign-On and Directory Sync now fully available

Posted by

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Nathan Rajlich

Software Engineer

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Christopher Skillicorn

Product Designer

Enterprise Teams can now use their identity provider to log into and sign up to Vercel with SAML Single Sign-On. Popular identity providers such as Okta, Google, Auth0, OneLogin, and Azure are supported and can be configured in the Security section of your Team Settings.

For additional security, SAML can be enforced. This requires team members to authenticate with your identity provider for all interactions with the Vercel Team.

Lastly, the related Directory Sync feature allows Enterprise teams to automatically sync users from a directory provider (Okta, Google, Azure, and generic SCIM providers are supported), add or remove them from the Team, and issue Vercel Personal Accounts as needed.

Contact Sales to upgrade to an Enterprise plan, or check out the documentation.