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Friday, February 26th 2021

Vercel Analytics are now real-time

Posted by

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Joe Haddad

Software Engineer

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JJ Kasper

Software Engineer

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Matheus Fernandes

Principal Engineer

Vercel Analytics now updates your Real Experience Score in near real-time as visitors load your website:

  • Data is available seconds after enabling Analytics (down from ~30 minutes).
  • Immediately see updated metrics after new Production Deployment (down from ~3 hours).
  • Enjoy a reactive dashboard experience, even when viewing data for long time spans.
  • Improved search, loading, and sorting for Pages/URLs for better page-by-page analysis.

In addition to near real-time updates, you can now adjust the score interval granularity to help you understand your Real Experience Score better than ever before.

Enable Vercel Analytics for your project today, or visit the documentation.