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Monday, December 19th 2022

Protected Preview Deployments available on all plans

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Kit Foster

Software Engineer

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Balazs Varga

Software Engineer

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Malte Ubl

CTO, Vercel

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George Karagkiaouris

Software Engineer

You can now make Preview Deployments private for free, across all plans.

  • Shareable Links: Share private Preview Deployments with external collaborators without the need to log in. See docs for limits.
  • Vercel Authentication: Team members can log in with their Vercel account to access secure previews.

Password Protection is now Advanced Deployment Protection and keeps the same price at $150/mo. Pro and Enterprise customers can add on Advanced Deployment Protection, which includes:

Enterprise customers will also have access to audit logs allowing them to track who generated a given Sharable Link at what time and from which device.

Check out the documentation to learn more.