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Thursday, February 4th 2021

Node.js 14 LTS is now available

Cover for Node.js 14 LTS is now available

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Cover for Node.js 14 LTS is now available

As of today, version 14 of Node.js can be selected in the Node.js Version section on the General page in the Project Settings (newly created Projects will default to the new version).

Among other features, the new version introduces Diagnostic Reports, which can be logged to Log Drains (recommended) like so:

geo: {
    city?: string
    country?: string
    region?: string

The following features were introduced through v8:

The exact version used is 14.15.4 (changelog), but automatic updates will be applied for new minor and patch releases. Therefore, only the major version (14.x) is guaranteed.

Check out the documentation as well.



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