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Friday, May 19th 2023

Node.js 14 and 16 are being deprecated in August 2023

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Sean Massa

Software Engineer

Vercel is announcing the deprecation of Node.js 14 and 16, which will be discontinued on August 15, 2023. Node.js 14 reached official end of life on April 30th 2023. Node.js 16 will reach official end of life on September 11, 2023.

On August 15, 2023, Node.js 14 and 16 will be disabled in the Project Settings and existing Projects that have Node.js 14 and 16 selected will render an error whenever a new Deployment is created. The same error will show if the Node.js version was configured in the source code.

While existing Deployments with Serverless Functions will not be affected, Vercel strongly encourages upgrading to Node.js 18 to ensure you receive security updates (using either engines in package.json or the General page in the Project Settings).

Check out the documentation as well.