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Friday, November 18th 2022

Node.js 18 LTS is now available

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Steven Salat

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Ethan Arrowood

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Chris Barber

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Nathan Rajlich

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As of today, version 18 of Node.js can be selected in the Node.js Version section on the General page in the Project Settings. Newly created projects will default to this version.

The new version introduces several new features including:

  • ECMAScript RegExp Match Indices
  • Blob
  • fetch
  • FormData
  • Headers
  • Request
  • Response
  • ReadableStream
  • WritableStream
  • import test from 'node:test'

Node.js 18 includes substantial improvements to align the Node.js runtime with the Edge Runtime, including alignment with Web Standard APIs.

The exact version used today is 18.12.1 and will automatically update minor and patch releases. Therefore, only the major version (18.x) is guaranteed.

Read the documentation for more.