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Tuesday, March 19th 2024

Next.js AI Chatbot 2.0

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Jared Palmer

VP of Product, AI

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Software Engineer

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Lars Grammel

Software Engineer

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Jeremy Philemon

Software Engineer

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Shu Ding

Software Engineer

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Max Leiter

Software Engineer

The Next.js AI Chatbot template has been updated to use AI SDK 3.0 with React Server Components.

We've included Generative UI examples so you can get quickly create rich chat interfaces beyond just plain text. The chatbot has also been upgraded to the latest Next.js App Router and Shadcn UI.

Lastly, we've simplified the default authentication setup by removing the need to create a GitHub OAuth application prior to initial deployment. This will make it faster to deploy and also easier for open source contributors to use Vercel Preview Deployments when they make changes.

Try the demo or deploy your own.