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Tuesday, May 10th 2022

Improvements and fixes

Posted by

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Steven Salat

Software Engineer

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Tom Knickman

Software Engineer

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Kylie Czajkowski

Engineering Manager, Lifecycle

With your feedback, we've shipped dozens of bug fixes and small feature requests to improve your product experience. Here are some of our most recent.

  • Vercel CLI: Vercel CLI v24.2.1 is now available, which includes support for Node.js 16.
  • Terms of Service (ToS): The Vercel ToS has been updated to provide additional information about what using a beta product or feature means.
  • Documentation improvements: The documentation for integrations now more clearly show how to use webhooks, Log Drains, and Checks.
  • Improvements for URL filters: When you select a time period on the usage tab, the filter is persisted in the URL which makes sharing that specific view with your team easier.
  • Design improvements for the usage tab: If limits have been exceeded on the usage tab, the color of the usage meter changes to better indicate the current state.
  • Project settings improvements: Transferring or deleting a project is now available on the general settings for that project.

Let us know other opportunities where we can improve your experience with Vercel.