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Monday, January 23rd 2023

Improvements and fixes

Posted by

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Jarryd McCree

Director of Product, Platform Integrity

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Steven Salat

Software Engineer

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Dominik Ferber

Software Engineer

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Chris Barber

Software Engineer

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Gal Schlezinger

Software Engineer, Infrastructure

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Ethan Arrowood

Software Engineer

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Ismael Rumzan

Content Developer

  • Image Optimization: Source images for Vercel Image Optimization can now be viewed on the Usage tab.
  • Vercel CLI: Shipped v28.12.7 with improved Gatsby support.
  • Python Runtime for Vercel Functions: Improved documentation and examples for using the Python Runtime for Vercel Serverless Functions.
  • Edge Functions: Improved source map resolution and filtering for more readable and actionable errors.
  • Docs search: Improved search in docs by making CMD+K the default, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of search results, and including path-based recommendations.
  • Changes to .vercelignore: Created a .vercelignore file in the "root directory" to fix a bug that caused deployments sourced from git to not properly resolve the .vercelignore when a "root directory" has been set.