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Monday, January 23rd 2023

Improved support for Gatsby sites

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Ethan Arrowood

Software Engineer

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Nathan Rajlich

Software Engineer

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Lydia Hallie

Staff Developer Advocate

Gatsby sites on Vercel can now take advantage of powerful new features, including:

  • Server-Side Rendering (SSR): Render dynamic content, on-demand.
  • Deferred Static Generation (DSG): Generate static pages in the background on new requests, using the same infrastructure as Incremental Static Regeneration.
  • Native API Routes: Create functions inside the api directory to instantly scaffold new API Routes.

Gatsby v4+ sites deployed to Vercel will automatically detect Gatsby usage and install the new @vercel/gatsby-plugin-vercel-builder plugin. Gatsby v5 sites require Node.js 18, the current default version used for new Projects.

Get started using Gatsby with our updated template.