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Thursday, May 4th 2023

Introducing the Vercel Data Cache: Optimized caching for React Server Components

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Casey Gowrie

Software Engineer

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Luba Kravchenko

Software Engineer

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JJ Kasper

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Alasdair Monk

VP Design

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Tristan Siegel

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Amy Burns

Staff DX Engineer

Vercel Data Cache is now available to give you framework-defined caching and propagation infrastructure to handle responses from React Server Components.

Data Cache is a globally distributed, ephemeral cache accessible from both serverless and edge runtimes, allowing you to cache data granularly in the region in which your function executes, with different treatments depending on the type of response:

  • Dynamic data is re-fetched with every execution
  • Static data is cached and revalidated either by time-based or on-demand revalidation

This feature is currently supported for the Next.js App Router and is available for users on all plans.

Check out our documentation and usage limits to learn more.