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Friday, July 16th 2021

Integrations can now be managed more efficiently

Posted by

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Shu Uesugi

Software Engineer

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Chris Widmaier

Engineering Manager

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Christopher Skillicorn

Product Designer

Following our launch of Vercel's new Integration Marketplace, we're now making it easier to manage Integrations on the dashboard.

  • Before: Navigating to the "Integrations" tab of a Personal Account or Team would list all previously added Integrations and all their different configurations.
  • After: Every Integration is listed only once per Personal Account or Team, and per-project configurations are handled by the respective third party instead.

Legacy Integrations, as mentioned at the bottom of the dashboard, will disappear on August 20th. Integration authors will be able to upgrade them until then.

Check out our updated documentation to learn how to create your own Integration.