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Thursday, July 4th 2024

Easier toolbar setup for SvelteKit and other Vite-based frameworks

Vite-based frameworks such as SvelteKit, Remix, Nuxt, or Astro can now more easily integrate with the Vercel Toolbar in both local and production environments. The Toolbar enables you to comment on deployments, toggle feature flags, view draft content from a CMS, and more.

The updated @vercel/toolbar package offers a Vite plugin and client-side function for injection and configuration, and can be integrated like this:

import { vercelToolbar } from '@vercel/toolbar/plugins/vite';
import { defineConfig } from 'vite';
export default defineConfig({
plugins: [/* others...*/ vercelToolbar()]
// ...
// in your framework's client entry point:
import { mountVercelToolbar } from '@vercel/toolbar/vite';

Check out the documentation to learn more.