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Tuesday, December 5th 2023

Conformance and Code Owners are now generally available for Enterprise teams

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Today, we're releasing new features to Vercel's Developer Experience Platform to help Enterprise teams ship higher quality code, faster—even as teams and codebases scale:

Conformance: Maintain high-quality code standards across projects in your codebase.

  • Conformance CLI: Run Conformance in your CI/CD systems to block the merge of new code, or run it locally to catch issues before even committing them.
  • Custom Rules: Add organization-specific rules to ensure codebase consistency.

Code Owners: Integrate with your Git client for streamlined code reviews and smart reviewer assignments.

  • Reviewer Assignments: Intelligent code review assignments based on your organization's structure.
  • Modifiers: Customize your review process to fit your team's needs. Assign reviews in a round-robin style, based on who's on call, or to the whole team.

A reimagined dashboard experience: When you start using Conformance, you’ll see a reengineered workspace to surface code health insights, aid cross-team collaboration, and ensure a better onboarding experience for new team members.

Check out the documentation to learn more or contact us to get started.