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Tuesday, January 18th 2022

Checkly Integration and Checks API now generally available

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Cami Cano

Director of Product, Ecosystem

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Christopher Skillicorn

Product Designer

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Chris Widmaier

Engineering Manager

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Brody McKee

Software Engineer

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Doug Parsons

Software Engineer

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Dominik Ferber

Software Engineer

With the Vercel Checkly Integration, monitor the Core Web Vitals of your site on every build before it gets deployed so that your performance never degrades.

This integration can be installed from the Integration Marketplace or Status view, and comes with rich functionality out-of-the-box. You can now:

  • Run reliability and performance checks on preview and production
  • Automatically block your build when checks fail
  • Get deep insights such as web vitals and error logs

This Checkly Integration is built using our new Checks API which allows you to insert validation and status checks after a deployment is built but before it is released to production.