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Tuesday, November 14th 2023

Automatically detect and replay layout shifts from the Vercel Toolbar

Posted by

Avatar for vercelian

Ian Jones

Software Engineer

Avatar for samsaliba-vercelcom

Sam Saliba

Senior Product Manager

Avatar for skllcrn

Christopher Skillicorn

Product Designer

Avatar for jhey

Jhey Tompkins

Senior DX Engineer

Vercel can now automatically detect and replay layout shifts on your deployments from the Vercel Toolbar.

Layout shifts are reported and notified through the Toolbar. Each reported shift includes a summary of what caused the shift and how many elements it affected. Additionally, you replay and animate the shift to see it again.

The Toolbar is automatically added to all Preview Deployments, but can also be used in localhost and in production (likely behind your own staff authentication checks) when using the @vercel/toolbar package.

Check out the documentation to learn more.