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Wednesday, April 5th 2023

Powering a serverless Web: Vercel joins AWS Marketplace

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Kevin Van Gundy

Chief Operating Officer

AWS and Vercel have always had a shared vision: accelerating innovation through the power of serverless computing—and helping customers win big in the process.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that Vercel is now available on the AWS Marketplace. This is a major milestone in our relationship with AWS. Additionally, over the last 12-months, we joined the AWS Partner Network and integrated into the Independent Software Vendor Accelerate Program.

Anyone with an AWS account can now onboard and build on Vercel in just a few clicks. Customers who purchase Vercel through AWS Marketplace have seamless access to Vercel features like:

Experience this best-in-class infrastructure today

See how your team can reap the benefits of serverless computing.

Explore AWS + Vercel

A historic relationship, realized

Vercel has a deep, historic relationship with AWS. We’ve leveraged AWS Lambda since our inception and have been a frequent design partner as they explore new products. Our CEO Guillermo Rauch shared the stage with Holly Mesrobian, AWS VP of Serverless Compute at last year’s re:Invent. 

We've implemented framework-defined infrastructure for more predictable, lower cost, and lower risk DevOps through truly serverless—and, for developers, infrastructureless—architecture. This has helped brands like The Washington Post, Under Armour, and others scale their applications seamlessly and securely.

Fueling and streamlining your business

Vercel’s AWS Marketplace integration creates value for our customers through:

  • Speed and governance from a streamlined procurement process, including one-click deployments.
  • Extensive security validation, so you can rest easy with ironclad security practices by default.
  • Simplified billing with bill consolidation, cost analysis, and subscription management. 
  • Discounts and flexible pricing for agreements as unique as your business needs.


Harnessing the power of AWS and Vercel 

Our expanding relationship with AWS ensures that developers at every business, regardless of size or industry, can stay competitive by harnessing Vercel’s technologies to grow with flexibility, performance, and reliability.

Vercel’s induction into AWS Marketplace is a huge milestone for our users, their users, and beyond—as we all work together to make the Web. Faster.